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3 years 1 month ago #2620 by thecardella
Hi all, I'm currently experimenting a port of this awesome project for the new Raspberry Pi Pico.
I have kept most of the design as the original one, I have only added a potentiometer (the Pico has internal ADCs) and a I2C display.
I have done most of the work code-wise and I'm at the point where I am just waiting on the PCB to arrive. I still had not time to wire everything on a breadboard for testing, also because some component are not really breadboard friendly.

In the meantime I wanted to understand better the consequences of changing platform. The main one I can think of is the system clock speed: the Pi zero runs at 400Mhz while the Pico is set at 133Mhz (which can be changed if necessary). But what are the implications of this change? How does it affect the audio sampling from the MCP3002? How does it affect instead the PWM generation?

I hope this thread fit the forum section, otherwise please let me know where I can ask these questions. Thank you!

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3 years 3 weeks ago #2664 by thecardella
I have eventually received the PCBs, soldered everything and done a quick initial test. The sound was coming through but the effects were not really working great. I'm sure this is a software issue that I'll fix with more testing, hopefully.

In the meantime this is the Github repo I'm using to host the project: github.com/ilcardella/pico-pedal
I also have 4 PCB which I won't use, I can post them if anybody is interested. Unfortunately they have 2 missing routes (my bad) which require soldering of 2 short wires. Easy workaround.

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2 years 11 months ago #2732 by JethTran
Replied by JethTran on topic Port to Raspberry Pi Pico
Hi...It's unquestionably something that rings a bell. We would already be able to utilize the USB as a sequential port to SWD convertors, question it would be entirely different to that.

With the PIO you can add 4 extra UARTS giving an aggregate of 6. Not awful, as you say!

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2 years 9 months ago #3147 by Denybear
Replied by Denybear on topic Port to Raspberry Pi Pico
So ultimately did you get it to work fine?
How does Pi Pico sound compared to Pi Zero? Is latency acceptable?

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2 years 9 months ago #3148 by thecardella
Hi, eventually yes I think I got a very good result considering I was expecting to fail.

A part from the PCB bugs (which I resolved) I was also setting up the output PWM in the wrong way, hence the bad output. Once I found out about that it all worked well.

The quality of the output is way better to what I was expecting but I can't compare it with the RPi Zero as I never tried it. However I think it is definitely usable and I definitely suggest trying it.

The GitHub repo should be updated and I also added the PCB files so that anybody can assemble the pedal and simply build the code and deploy. I temporarily stopped working on it due to other priorities but I'll get back to add more effects. All suggestions or improvements are welcome on the repository.
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