Alternative Parts for BOM

2 years 8 months ago #2856 by EE_Idiot
Hi all. I just ordered a set of PCBs and most of the parts but I am still missing a part for SW2, SW3, and SW4. I think SW2 and SW3 will be easy enough to procure although for some reason there didn't seem to be a great selection on Mouser so I'm going to shop around for those. As for SW4, it is on backorder with Mouser and I was not able to find an equivalent part. Does anyone know of a good alternate part for SW4?

I did already make one questionable sub but I'll update here if I can get it to work or not. RV1 is unavailable so I subbed in 652-3306F-1-504 instead which is a little problematic geometrically I think and possible footprint-wise as well but Im willing to mangle the part a little to fit it. Worse comes to worst I just use some wires to dangle a bigger trim off the board.

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