Pedal pi make moises and plays RADIO?!?!

4 years 2 weeks ago #2086 by eavitan
Happy Quarantine ppl

I just finished the pedal pi the way its written in the tutorials, and then, like many ppl I hear a lot of noises, while googling the solution I realized that somehow, I detect the Radio?!?!

Not sure 100% that its really the radio, but for sure there are voices, and music from the AMP that are not from my guitar.
also, when I press the 2 black buttons the music its changing, feels like im changing channel in the radio.
here is a link to the video i made.

disconnected the wifi dongle,
disconnected the Guitar (board's input),

I'm using
Raspbian Buster lite 4.19
Pi zero 1.3
wifi dongle Edimax
installation exactly like the tutorials
effect playing Octaver.

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