8 years 1 week ago #478 by jerpint
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I built my pedal successfully , everything seems to be in place, and arduino seems to be working fine. I've uploaded multiple effects successfully to the board, but I only get a clean signal going out through the amp, as though the pedal was not even there. Where do I begin with trouble shooting? Also, is it normal that signal is still going through to the amp even though my pedal is not being powered?



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8 years 1 week ago #479 by jerpint
Replied by jerpint on topic Troubleshooting
Here's an update : i've used the adjust_trimmer.ino code found here to troubleshoot more. So far, I found that my trigger switch only works when applying pressure on it, and the LED turns on. The foot swtich doesnt seem to do anything. I also don't think any of my potentiometers are working, as I dont notice any sound differences.

When setting everything as on through the reverb code and running the reverb.ino effect, I can sort of hear a reverb going on, but again not very noticeable. Ishould mention that during the build, I accidentally placed all switches upside down, and had to unsolder and resolder them. I think this may have messed up my board.. any advice at this point?



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8 years 2 days ago #480 by Ray
Replied by Ray on topic Troubleshooting
There is a guide to troubleshoot pedalSHIELD, have a look at it Im sure that it can give you nice ideas:

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