Is there a reference to easily change PedalShield?

9 years 1 week ago #297 by stevemiller99
I've gotten my PedalShield to work, but I'd like to tweak the available effects without learning everything about DSP or programming the Due. Is there something (maybe like a comment in the sketches) that tells me what I need to change in the code to make the effect "bigger"? Something like "change "..." in line xxx to ..."? If the experts out there could share this with us lazier cousins, it would be gratefully appreciated.

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9 years 1 week ago #298 by Ray
Hi! I get your point, sometimes understanding all the code is a bit tedious...
From now I will try to include this easy-to-mod comments in the codes, but all the codes that are already out are not easy to change.

I can give you some ideas:
- In delay/echo pedals the MAX_DELAY variable defines the max length of the delai. i.e usually is defines as:
#define MAX_DELAY 20000
if you change it for
#define MAX_DELAY 10000
you will have half of the original delay time.

- The volume adjustment that is something common to a lot of effects could be also modified:

//Add volume feature with POT2

The output volume will be halved if you change it for:

//Add volume feature with POT2

Usually in the beginning of the effect topic there is a short description of the behavior and how the controls behaves, it could give you some ideas of where to start.

The good thing is that not matters what you change, you can always re-start and nothing will brake, so feel free to change all you want!
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