Newark and tayda equivalent part's

4 years 11 months ago #1798 by Sir_brady
In case anyone is interested i have sourced equivalent parts for most of the components from Newark. a couple i had to get from tayda because mouser didn't stock some of them.

These are not the newark part numbers, but the what Newark uses as the manufacturer part #. from what i can tell they should be the equivalent to what is used in the mouser BOM.

The Tayda #'s are the Tayda sku #'s.

Hope someone finds this useful and can save themselves the time i spent.


5KΩ Res 1%, 1/4W RN60D5001FB14 VISHAY
1MΩ Res 1%, 1/4W MFR3-1M0FC TT
4.7KΩ Res 1%, 1/4W LR0204F4K7 TE
470Ω Res 1%, 1/4W MCMF0W4FF4700A50 Multicomp
10K linear pot 16mm Tayda order : A-2969

47uF PW1C470MDD1TD Nichicon
6.8nF C315C682K1R5TA Kemet
100nF SR211C104KAR AVX
3.3nF MC0805N332J500A5.08MM Multicomp

1N5817 1N5817+ multicomp

2n5089 N5089 NTE
TL072 TL072CP TI
MCP6002 MCP6002-I/P Microchip
LM7805 MC7805CTG ON Semi
CD4066 CD4066BE TI

Encoder with Switch EC11E15244G1 ALPS
1/4 Stereo Jack NMJ6HCD2 Neutrik
DNF Connectors FSN-21A-10 TE
SPST Momentary Switch tayda order: A-1091
3PDT Footswitch tayda order: A-331
Led Holders tayda order: A-660
Hammond 1590BBSLG 1590BBS Hammond
Davies Knobs 510AH Davies

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4 years 10 months ago #1818 by Ray
Thanks Sir_brady, I will link this from the How-to-build Topic ;)

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